Live Dealer

If any game that has given a new dimension and life to live dealer it is without any doubt the always famous and popular blackjack game. Blackjack is a card game that has been around for the past many years. Live dealer blackjack has given a full thrust to the whole movement of live dealer. It is now become almost regular to come across online casino sites that offer live blackjack dealer. This is nothing but blackjack games that allow the use of real dealers. There is no denying the fact that online blackjack live dealer helps you to bring real excitement and thrill of live dealers combined with the beauty and class of blackjack games. It would be pertinent to understand what exactly a live dealer is and how does it work.

To understand better the concept of live dealer you have to understand that each and every blackjack game has a dealer. However in a live dealer blackjack game you will continue to play using an interface as is the case with any online blackjack game. But the real thrill comes when you also get live feeds of the Live Dealer who is dealing the cards or dealing of each hand. This is the first time perhaps you can perhaps see that the cards being dealt by the dealer hit your table. It is indeed a great experience and gives you the feeling that you are in a brick and mortar casino joint.

Since the video may be too small for you to have a look at the cards landing on your table with the help of such live dealer, there is a provision of scanning of your cards that are dealt on the table. These scanned cards are digitally displayed on your screen and just at the click of the mouse you can plan your next moves. This is something very unique to online blackjack live dealer which has revolutionized the whole game of blackjack.